A beginner’s guide to Reddit Ads

Ever considered running ads on Reddit? Maybe now is the time to get started. Reddit has rolled out Promoted Posts to their mobile apps – before, ads were only available on desktop or their mobile website. Like an organic post, the ads feature upvotes, downvotes and comment threads.

Source: Ginny Marvin | “Reddit introduces native promoted post ads in its mobile apps ” | Marketing Land | March 14, 2018

The reason for the additional formats is simple: Reddit wants to monetize its user base even better. According to them:

  • 41% of time spent on Reddit is in the Reddit mobile apps,
  • 80% of Reddit app users are not on desktop,
  • logged-in app users spend 30% more time per day.1

If you think you can find an audience on Reddit, mobile should definitely be an option. Next to the device targeting, users can be targeted by broad interest categories (such as Art & Design, Health & Fitness or Gaming), location and time of day. After setting your daily budget and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) you are ready to go. So far so usual – what sets reddit apart from other platforms is the nature of the platform.

Reddit Ads Targeting Options

Reddit is the world’s largest digital discussion board that is organized via subreddits. Unlike the pre-defined interest categories, subreddits can help you reaching even a very small niche target. An example: while the category “Health & Fitness” can give you huge exposure, the targeting is still quite broad – subreddits like r/womenshealth, r/veganfitness or r/bodybuilding can narrow down your potential customers significantly depending on whom you are looking for. In addition to that, locations and subreddits can also be excluded from targeting in order to be even more precise.

Text and Image Ads are available as of now, video ads seem to being tested by selected advertisers at the moment. If you want to get started, just visit https://ads.reddit.com.

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