Facebook case studies – gaming edition

When it comes to Facebook Advertising, you can learn a lot from the gaming vertical. Worldwide availability, high competition and huge budgets are demanding that marketers have to be on top of their game. Therefor it makes sense to look at some case studies from a high level perspective.

Innogames’ was using Facebook to promote their city-building app “Forge of Empires”. We are talking about the lower funnel here, meaning Innogames tried to convert people to download and install the app. That’s why the ads were pretty straight forward: the clear and short message (“Build cities through the ages of human history.”) and the visuals were aligned with the USP of the game and the Call-to-Action “Install Now” focused on conversion. Small Giant Games used a similar approach to promote their mobile game “Empire & Puzzles: RPG Quest”. In order to give a first glimpse of the app they used video ads showing actual gameplay since most gamers are more interested in seeing what the game actually looks like rather than promotional material.

Regarding the targeting, both decided to use Lookalikes Audiences based on their paying customers to find users that are similar to them. Next Games was going one step further and used value based Lookalike Audiences for their game “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land” – by providing Facebook not only with a list of your customers but also with an additional numeric value such as the LTV (Life Time Value), Facebook can help you to find users who resemble your current high-value customers. In order to optimise their campaigns all three used in-app events such as “Tutorial Complete” or “Purchase” instead of just going for Installs. This helped to generate users that not only install the apps but actively play and pay within the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use Lookalike Audiences to find highly engaged and paying customers similar to your existing audience.
  • Optimise towards in-app events such as “Onboarding Complete” or “First Payment” to generate high quality leads.
  • Use assets that resemble the core values of your product and don’t appear to promotional.

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