Getting inspiration for Facebook Ads

If you are running Facebook Ads, you know that you need a lot of creatives. Be it different approaches that you want to test, contrasting target groups that require specific ads or just enough material for the Facebook algorithm to work properly. Running out of ideas might not be something that you are worried about in the beginning, but it will happen sooner or later. Therefor I collected some sources of inspiration for your next campaigns.

First of all we have “Ad Examples” by AdEspresso, a user generated collection of Facebook Ads. You can filter ads by industries, campaign objectives or ad formats. Via text search you can spy on your competitors or get new ideas from certain brands. And since the ads you see are embedded and not only screenshotted, you can see their live stats such as likes and comments to get a feeling of how successful they are.

Source: AdEspresso | Ad Examples | June 2018

Another handy tool is the chrome extension Turbo Ad Finder. It allows you to filter your Facebook newsfeed to only show ads. In combination with an account that only likes your competitors, pages from a certain industry or brands you are interested in, you will always see the latest ads from those areas. Last but not least, Facebook itself is giving some advice on how to create engaging creatives.

The Facebook Ads Guide gives an overview about what formats are available, what they can be used for and which specs they require. It’s more of a technical handbook rather than a creative input. If you want to get inspired more on a visual level, the Creative Hub is for you. It collects strong campaigns from big brands that can be filtered by the different ad formats such as videos, stories or canvas.

Source: Facebook | Creative Hub | June 2018

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